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Lenscape Virtual Windows provide a unique and exciting turn-key solution to transform interior spaces for businesses, offices, and homes, including social and public spaces. Our windows show a natural and beautiful active visual scene of a moving outdoor environment to replicate a realistic window view with the accompanying close-by environment sounds. These authentic actively moving window scenes bring a sense of enjoyment and tranquility to the surrounding environment.

Benefits of Lenscape Virtual Windows include:

  • Transform your environment

  • Add energy and excitement to the interior
  • Create a unique space and environment
  • Commercial locations will Increase sales of products and services

  • Eliminate silence with natural outdoor sounds

  • Enjoy the beautiful outdoors in an indoor environment

Play the video to see it in action


Add Virtual Windows to Any Room

  • change your view

  • change your season

  • change your mood

  • experience peace

  • relax with nature sounds

  • reduce stress

Home & Business


We are traveling the globe to capture the best moving scenes that bring the beauty and serene locations and sounds to our Lenscape Virtual Windows. Each scene is meticulously designed and crafted to work with our Lenscape Virtual Windows to keep active motion and interest with subtle changes throughout the long-form seamless video. Each scene also includes the accompanying audio to complete the whole experience.


Active video scenes are divided

into one, two, or three window frames.



Perfect Installation Venues Include:

Hospitality Spaces

  • restaurant

  • hotel lobby

  • resort

  • spa

Office Spaces

  • medical/dental office

  • professional office

  • hospital lobby

  • office building lobby

Retail Spaces

  • coffee shop

  • retail store

  • themed retail

  • shopping mall

Other Public Spaces

  • museum

  • church

  • library

  • airport

Subtle visual messages can appear to showcase services and products to directly target visitors, customers, patients, and anyone nearby the Lenscape Virtual Windows. This is in contrast to TV advertising that is designed to disrupt a viewer’s attention from what the viewer wants to see and can destroy a calm and peaceful environment. The subtlety of Lenscape Virtual Windows' messaging is designed so it does not obscure, pause, or take away from the beautiful calming scenery and sounds.

Grow your Branding & Marketing by:

  • Improving your branding in a subtle, yet direct way

  • Reinforcing your brand identity

  • Marketing your services and products

  • Targeting your direct marketing to a captured audience

  • Marketing without interrupting the window views​

Play the video to see it in action


  • Hand-crafted wood window frames

  • Commercial grade hardware & software

  • All Lenscape Windows are professionally installed

  • Fully automated time scheduling of video and audio

  • Seamless long-form videos and sounds

  • Ultra-high-resolution videos

  • Each scene is specifically designed for this format

  • Great attention to detail in sound design

  • Subtle branding and promotional marketing

  • Always growing library of available window scenes

  • Low impact on network bandwidth and IT resources


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Atlanta, GA

Lenscape Virtual Windows is developed by Big Acorn Studios, a company with an award-winning team having a hybrid set of skills and experiences with video production, photography, product design, branding, environment design, and technical 3D animation.

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